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A New Horror Novel is Almost Here.

Get ready for a chilling ride with Kill Night, a gripping new horror novel by Maximilian Gray. Immerse yourself in a tale of vengeance set in a city plagued by homelessness and urban decay.

The new pulp book from Maximilian Gray and Peculiar Ephemera will be released summer 2024 on Amazon.

Kill Night Book CoverA man out for vengeance will stop at nothing to clean up the city…but will he make it dirtier in the process?

Joe Martinez is fed up. Of the meager money he can scrounge together from his trucking business, most goes to his alimony payments, forcing him to live out of his vehicle. He barely gets to see the only thing he loves in life, his son Aaron. And to top it off, the infestation of homelessness is making Los Angeles an unlivable city. But what can be done to excavate the excrement? For a man prone to anger issues, it’s much easier to rant and rave than to take action. That is, until an unspeakable tragedy awakens the beast within.

As Joe “death-wishes” his way through an urban hellscape, he inches closer to a showdown with the man responsible for all his pain. But to defeat him, he will have to defeat a movement. And heaven help all who get in his way.

Pre-order it now.

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