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Alvin Baylor Lives!

Alvin Baylor Lives!

Classic Sci-Fi is back! Thrill to futurism, physics and femme fatales in this character-driven, pulp adventure.

To make peace with his past, he has to seize his future. It’s time to get his head back in the game.

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About the Book

Alvin Baylor’s life is not turning out as expected.

He was tasting glory as a cyber-athlete, until scandal ended his career. Now he spends his days at a dead-end job in a constant hangover haze. And with the North America of 2117 fractured into corporate territories, who can blame him? But Alvin is about to get a life-changing proposition.

His corporate overlords have a special need for his cybernetic gifts. He’ll deliver a mysterious prototype to an asteroid-mining colony. In exchange, his debts will be erased and his fortune changed. Or he can take option number two – the unemployment line.

Riding an all-expense-paid cruise to the frontier of the solar system, Alvin has every reason to be optimistic. There’s gaming, booze and temptation aplenty aboard the starship Hope. But Alvin’s in the dark on a couple of key details. The prototype he’s delivering is a technological marvel that will transform the world…. and a deadly female assassin is coming to steal it. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime…but Alvin Baylor just might pay with his life!

Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Peculiar Ephemera
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook
Length: 358 pages
Narrator: Josh Horowitz
ASIN: 1732453403
ISBN: 1732453403
List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 3.99
Audiobook Price: 24.99
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