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Pretty, Gloomy – ‘Dunkirk’ Review


Dunkirk is a picture for cinephiles, not a popcorn crowd pleaser. It dramatizes the evacuation of British soldiers from France during WW2. The characters are anonymous, with only a handful of nameless faces to anchor us. The film is heavy on tone and visuals, but light on dialogue and story. It’s an art movie about boys becoming men during wartime. The events study the way in which extraordinary hardships bring out the best and worst in people. The characters are all male and few express their feelings except those who lose their sanity. This is a stripped down affair, wherein Christopher Nolan demonstrates his growing mastery with the camera. The film is stoic and beautifully made. Viewers with a love for the craft of filmmaking are better positioned to enjoy Dunkirk. If you’re looking for expansive dialogue, a love story or the pursuit of dreams, then the film is not for you.

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