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‘Killing Gunther’ Assassinated 90 Minutes of My Life

Killing Gunther is a mockumentary send-up of assassin films. It plays more like an SNL skit than a movie. A camera crew follows around a team of hitmen who seek to kill another hitman. The humor mostly falls flat although these actors have been funny in other things. Better luck to Taran Killiam on his second directorial outing. It’s on Amazon Prime now so you can fast forward to Arnold Schwarzenegger or wait it out like I did. He only shows up in the last half hour. The film tries to make his appearance a surprise, but the whole marketing campaign was built on his involvement. In fact, the trailer makes him look like he’s the star of the film. Mostly he’s discussed but not seen. If you have a penchant for killers being followed by camera crews, absurd violence and Arnold you will definitely be disappointed by this film. If none of those things interest you you will claw your eyes out.

A better mockumentary.


Now onto something awesome – Man Bites Dog (1992). Equivalent schtick, this time a camera crew follows around a serial killer. If you want to watch a great mockumentary this 90’s Belgian film is the way to go. Unlike with Killing Gunther the filmmakers are in command of the medium – nothing falls flat. It feels like a film, rather than an expanded skit with a lack of characterization. Here’s the catch – can you get along with subtitles? Do you enjoy black & white photography? If you can handle those two things and you have a morbid sense of humor you’ll love it.

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