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Release the Kraken – Spotify’s Hate Content Policy is Corporate Groupthink

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was a creeper who cut off his ear and sent it to a girl? We should seriously stop exhibiting his art.

That was sarcasm. I’m against the push to demonize individuals for their indiscretions. I think it should be done in a court of law, not as a form of public shaming. I am clearly not in the majority.

You think you’re woke? I say you’re asleep.

Every sub-divison of American culture now has a movement to peddle their “truth” at the expense of someone else’s virtue. Soon we’ll all be prisoners of algorithmic groupthink. The scanners will flag your words and naturally understand your intent. That was sarcasm again.

Check out Spotify’s new policy. How noble of them to protect us. Just remember your dollars now equal their values.

Spotify – Hate Content & Hateful Content Policy

Freedom of speech will become like the right to bear arms – of questionable utility.

The repugnant political divide in this country and the ceaseless march of identity politics under the guise of equality is taking us to the end of functional free speech. The U.S. Constitution will hold, but the new Silicon Valley masters of communication will make sure we all share their corporate values if we want to eat or earn a living.

From Twitter to Spotify – perception of your character will define your access to contemporary technology. The quality of your efforts is of no importance to the new vanguard. Obedience to moral groupthink is what the future requires. Who’s morality? That depends on what’s being peddled and who’s shouting loudest.

Tribalism is Great Marketing.

In a prior post I mentioned digital goods as a way to expand economic markets for capitalism. This is the other route – politicization and personal identity tied to a Corporate brand. It’s gonna be HUGE! I can’t wait to drink the Conservative Cola and Liberal Lemon-aide.

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